Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Whitewash paint


Eclipse F4 Serra L'Ombre Whitewash paint

The whitewash paint is used on tunnels and greenhouses covered in plastic or glass.
It is translucent when the weather is wet and opaque when the weather is sunny.

Easy to apply, its boasts a very strong adhesion rate. Biodegradable, it is also non-corrosive and complies with organic crops standards.

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Main features
NameEclipse F4 Serra L'Ombre
Lifespan once applied3 to 5 months
Active ingredientMicronised Calcium Carbonate
FormulationSuspension in aqueous phase
AspectOdourless white paste
Packaging20 kg canister
  • Apply preferably during the morning, on a dry, clean surface
  • Adapt the water / product ratio according to the shade rate sought
Shade rateF4 + water ratio1kg covers around
45 %1 + 1055 m²
65 %1 + 530 m²
78 %1 + 425 m²
80 %1 + 320 m²


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