Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire


We can create bespoke shadehouses and shade nets for you. Whether you use a greenhouse for growing plants or other stuff, whatever level of shading, luminosity or dimensions you seek, we have a solution.

Our shadehouses can be of various shapes: tunnel, rectangular shapes... We also offer different types of covers, according to your needs.

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Main features (rectangular shadehouse)
Width4 x 3 m
Length52 m
Total area624 m²
Pole height3 m in the middle, and the 4 other rows from 2.50 m to 2 m height
Type of poleØ 60 mm (concrete surface)
Wire lines on ridgeEvery 0.80 m lengthwise (52 m) and every 75 cm widthwise (12 m)
Ridge cover16 x 10 white insect-proof net
Side cover16 x 10 white insect-proof net
PolesØ 60 mm, 3.50 m long tubes (0.5 m in cement and PVC end plug at the other end)
  • with a 4 m gap between poles, lengthwise
  • with a 3 m gap between poles, widthwise
Profiles50 x 30 mm tube + zig-zag profile on external poles and Ø 4 mm iron wire on internal poles (crosswise only)
WireØ 4 mm wire from the end of external poles to the ground. The iron wire is fixed to a cemented wire-strainer.
Wire on ridge2.40 mm galvanized iron wire every 0.80 m or 0.70 m. The wire is set in two orientations and fixed to the Ø 4 mm wire with 1.20 mm wire.

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