Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

8 m wide "Optimum" bi-span greenhouse

8 m wide "Optimum" pro tunnel greenhouse

Its assets:
  • very sturdy against the wind
  • large air volume reducing significant temperature changes
  • large working widths

Scalable system over time, can be transformed into a multispan. Possible gutter extension.

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Ridge height3.78 m
Gutter height2.15 m
Crop stand height2.80 m
Gap between hoops2.50 m
Poles2.50 m gap around and 5 m gap inside the structure
LengthFrom 7.50 m up to 100 m
Poles100 x 50 x 2 mm rectangular galvanized tubes to concrete
Hoops90/50 x 1.5 mm oval galvanized steel tubes
Ridge struts1 x Ø 32 mm on ridge on each span, one row + 4 x 2.50 m struts in the corners
Gutters3 x magnelis gutter rows (length 270 mm)
Reinforcements6 reinforcements on gable hoops
2 gable reinforcements
2 x St-Andrew's crosses on each row of poles (Ø32 mm tube)
Over 60 metres: extra reinforcements through 2 x St-Andrew's crosses and 4 extra reinforcements.
Crop standsØ32 mm - reinforced
Pole head fixationPossible twinning
Polycarbonate gable
Lift gable with 1.95 m x 1.20 m door
Closed polycarbonate gable, etc.
Cover film
Simple side or double inflatable side200 µ thermal film with anti-UV protection
Fixation system thanks to a metal profile and two PVC rods: easy mounting, very sturdy system against weather conditions
Several types of films are offered: Luminance, Luminal, nursery film...
PolycarbonatePolycarbonate sheets: compact and very sturdy products with optimal light transmission
Long sides
Rolling-up side ventilationThe film is rolled up around a metal tube and fixed using clips.

• Ø 32 mm x 2 rolling-up side ventilation. Galvanized steel with manual reducer and telescopic arm
• Ø 32 mm x 2 rolling-up side ventilation. Galvanized, operated by an engine. 
Options available
1.50 m ridge ventilation to fine-tune ventilation
Automated climate control
Structure calculations and standards

The structure was checked in accordance with Structural Eurocodes. This Eurocode sets standard for building works, metting the criteria of the european Directive on Construction Products.

It encompasses operations, control, to indicate the quality of products and the required technical demands necessary to comply with the standard of the project.

Used standards are the following:

UNE-ENV 1991-2-4- Eurocode 1Project info and actions on structures
CTE DB SE-AEStructural safety requirements. Actions while building
UNE-ENV 1993-1-1- Eurocode3Steel structures projects

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