Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire
At SVL Serres Val de Loire, we are exprts in making garden tunnel greenhouses.

To make sure you get a quality service or product, we sometimes call on our partners, listed below.

SOLUTEC AGRI, local Réunion (overseas territory) branch

SOLUTEC AGRI was created on purpose for local needs: they deal products for market gardeners and horticulturists in Réunion island:

  • greenhouses / tunnels / multispans greenhouses made by SVL and ULMA
  • greenhouse spare parts
  • greenhouse equipment: EBBJ / Hydroponics systems-like gutters
  • SVL growing benches, Fiorentino or Urbinati overhead watering
  • steel water tanks and geomembranes
  • irrigation features - pumping - fertigation (Anjou automation)
  • films / insect-proof nets / shade nets / windbreaks / soil film
  • seeds and farm inputs - PALMECO coconut fibre
  • decoctions and seeds
  • technical support and advice for vegetable growing (tomatoes / eggplants / strawberries...)
It is often difficult for Réunion local professional to get quality spare parts and materials, at the right price.

SOLUTEC AGRI has a local stock for some products: films / insect-proof nets / EBBJ - Hydroponics systems-like gutters / coconut fibres / decoctions and seeds.

They deal with all products and issues required for soil-less culture, in open field or in greenhouses in Réunion island.

ULMA Agrícola: maker of larger buildings

ULMA has been a long-term partner. Since 1979, they have been building greenhouses, depots, storage and production premises.

Logo Ulma Agricola

Learn more about ULMA here