Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Our partner: Ulma Agricola

SVL designs and makes products, and calls on ULMA Agricola. ULMA is one of the leading companies designing and mounting premises meeting UNE 13031-1 European requirements.

Continuous growth

ULMA Agricola is in continuous growth. This company is focused on the farmers' experience and aims at offering solutions for every issue they might have. This encompasses indoor cultivation, with highly technical skills and a strong global presence.

It is part of the ULMA Group, one of the largest industrial groups in northern Spain, which is made up of 8 entities, at the forefront of knowledge and able to compete globally, while sharing the same experience, values ​​and philosophy.

ULMA started under good auspices: the financial, educational and research fabric of the Mondragon Corporation.

ULMA Agrícola has been manufacturing goods since 1979, using its own construction materials for greenhouse structures in a completely automated process from the conformation of pipes to the finished product.

ULMA Agrícola has an comprehensive sales network both nationally and internationally.

ULMA Agricola greenhouses

R&D for a maximum production

ULMA boasts a large cross-curricular ingeneering department which can handle any type of project and succeed.

The latest advanced design and calculation technologies are used to make the most of available materials.

ULMA offers turnkey comprehensive equipment and solutions, aiming at a maximum productivity, both in terms of quantity and quality. The offer includes ingeneering, monitoring, mounting services and after-sales.

All this is done while fulfilling professional worker-protection rules and requirements.

We observe the letter and spirit of European requirements regarding desing and mounting procedures, in particular the requirement number UNE 13031-1. At ULMA, Total Quality rules.

ULMA Agrícola is nowadays a thriving company, hiring young professionals who are fond of what they do and highly qualified. They design solutions today, for the future needs of the market.