Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Films, nets & fabrics

Pool tarps, mulching fabrics, insect-proof or bird-proof nets, as well as windbreak nets and winter fleece... Here are just some examples of what SVL Serres Val de Loire has on offer to protect and adapt your plants.


  • Greenhouse films

    We are a manufacturer of professional greenhouses and thus offer only top quality greenhouse films.
  • Livestock shelter covers

    Discover our bespoke green films and livestock shelter films.

    These professional products sold by SVL are mainly intended for animal breeding and lorry storage, but can also serve as warehouses for farming machinery and animals.
  • Bâche camion PVC sur mesure

  • Shade nets

    Control the temperature curve in your greenhouse during spring and summer (temperatures rise very fast and can easily destroy all your plants).
  • Windbreak nets

    Our windbreak nets are available under various percentages. This lets you fine-tune the wind force you wish to stop.
  • Insect-proof nets

    We offer a wide range of insect-proof nets for open field or greenhouse use.
  • Hail-proof nets

    Hail-proof nets cater for the needs of hurticulturists, market gardeners and arborists. They adapt to your plants and protect them from the rain, hail and wind.
  • Aviary nets

    These aviary nets were designed to protect chicken coops and bird enclosures from attacks by hawks, foxes...
  • Forcing and wintering fleece

    Our range comprises of forcing / winter fleece with a grammage from P17 to P30 according to your needs, the time of year and the planned use.
  • Pool tarps

    Discover our range of high-quality tarps for any use: pond, pool, spirulina / micro-algae basin, fish growing, drinking water storage, ornamental pool...
  • Geotextile-mulching fabrics

    The products below are ideal to manage the ground / soil, block roots, separate different ground layers... Geotextile or mulching fabrics...
  • Salad and half-forcing films

    Below is our range of salad mulching and half-forcing films and fleece, for your early crops.
  • Accessories

    These are our accessories for greenhouse or shelter films and tarps, nets, fleece and fabrics: tightening, installing, repairing ou maintaining accessories.
Discover the assets of protective veils and fleece to force, winter or mulch your plants.

SVL indeed offers professionals the best products and accessories currently available such as greenhouse films, green films and nets.