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Serres du Val de Loire

40 bar Brumalis™ fogging kit

FOG 40 fogging kit

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Contents of kit
FOG 40 - 70 l/h, 40 bar, 375 W111
Radio control - distance 30 m with 4 channels111
Polyamide tube for high pressure - Ø6.35mm - 1/4"25 m25 m25 m
Polyamide tube for high pressure - Ø6.35mm - 1/4" (barres de 75 cm)Lige FOG 7 mLine FOG 15 mLine FOG 30 m
Stainless steel wire guide to fix Ø6.35 mm polyamide tube355595
Quick coupling device, nozzle-holder in nickel brass for Ø6.35 mm hose91939
Nozzle-holder nickel brass end of line plug for Ø6.35 mm tube111
Nickel brass nozzle 0.15 with antidrop net 10/24UNC/2A102040

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