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60 bar Brumalis™ fogging kit - ECO fan

60 bar Brumalis™ fogging kit - ECO fan

A powerful and efficient kit to cool down and to dry both indoor and outdoor areas.

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Contents of kit
FOG ECO 1 - 0.9 l/min, 60 bar, 210W, 230V - 50Hz11
Water input filter kit 5", G 1/2" M-F with 5µ cartridge11
Ø46 cm oscillating fogging fan - 18", 230V - 50Hz, 125W2
100 m² covered area
200 m² covered area
Stainless steel fogging ring / 6 nozzles24
Polyamide tube for high pressure - Ø6.35mm - 1/4"25 m50 m
Stainless steel wire guide to fix Ø6.35 mm polyamide tube2040
Nozzle-holder nickel brass end of line plug for Ø6.35 mm tube48
Nickel brass tee quick coupling13
Nickel brass nozzle 0.15 with antidrop net 10/24UNC/2A816

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