Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

17 g / m² forcing fleece

Boost your plants' growth

Use mainly in: spring
To ensure a good start for your plants and fragile crops: salads, lamb's lettuce, sorrel...

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Main features
Material100% non-woven polyethylene
Grammage17g / m²
Tensile strengthSM 33 N / 50 mm
ST 31 N / 50 mm
Elongation at breakSM 50 %
ST 60%
Break resistance16 N
InformationCaution: the use of pesticides on crops covered in a forcing veil might cause a premature deterioration of the latter.
  • Protects younger seeds against the cold
  • Protects against insects and birds
  • Lets air and water in & out
  • Light transmission thanks to transparency
  • Possible set directly on crops

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