Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

4 m wide garden greenhouse

This 4 m wide "Richelieu" greenhouse is our best-seller, as it fits any type of garden. It is available in several lengths: 4 m to 14 m.

Main assets of this greenhouse

  • Very compact but still much space inside thanks to the straight side
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Fitted with a professional 200 micron diffusing film
  • Many available options: doors, shade nets, watering systems

More details

More info

Greenhouse structure

Ridge height

2.50 m

Straight side

1.35 m

Available lengths

4 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m, 12 m, 14 m

Gap between hoops

2 m


Four Ø 32 mm diagonal tubes


Ø 40 mm galvanized steel, 1.5 mm thick

Ridge struts

1 row, lengthwise +
1 row on each side

Warranty on structure

1 year warranty

Cover film (included)

Thermal film

200 µ professional diffusing film

Anti-UV treatment

5 year anti-UV EVA treatment

Warranty on films

Anti-UV treatment 9000 hours

Cover films fixing and ground gripping

Cover film fixing on gables

Fixing through hems all over the gables, tied to the ground through ropes.

Cover film fixing on sides

To bury at 30 cm in the ground.

Ground gripping

Plates to bury at 30 cm in the ground.

Delivery, mounting

Mounting instructions

Detailed mounting instructions with pictures and drawings

Weight of the greenhouse

From 130 to 400 kg depending on chosen options.

Film fixing thanks to zig zag profiles

Film fixing thanks to zig zag profiles

Wide gable door (option)

Wide gable door (option)

Bury plates for ground gripping

Bury plates for ground gripping

Option : sprinklers

Option : sprinklers

Option : side ventilation

Option : side ventilation

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