Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Greenhouse equipment

Enhance your work environment and your plants' growth thanks to our greenhouse equipment dedicated to tunnel greenhouses or storage shelters.


  • Thermal and shading screens

    Thermal / heat shields and shading screens are amongst the best solutions currently to control the heat during the day and retain it at night. You can see our solutions below.

    Heat shields are a technical product made up of of polyethyene and aluminum, while the shading net is more intended for single tunnels. A heat shield can reduce heating consumption.
  • Heating squeezes pulsed air

    Our range of professional heaters and furnaces let you heat greenhouses, patios and terraces.

    They can also handle larger spaces and any type of venues such as workshops, warehouses and buildings, be they open or not.
  • Climate control

    We offer climate control systems and accessories. Climate control in a greenhouse is crucial to optimise your production.
  • Stations de fertilisation

  • Hydroponic troughs

    Hydroponic troughs let the water flow by or be transferred to the hydroponic plant, if it is residual. These parts are crucial to the activity and the quality of the part is a key component of its success.
  • Growing benches

    If you are a nurseryman, plants producer or horticulturist, growing benches are crucial to properly manage and organize your greenhouse.

    Ours are made up of two hot-dip galvanized steel trestles and boast aluminium rectangular edges and round corners.

    During the design process of these benches we focused on the finishing touches, which professional growers appreciate during exhibitions and fairs.
  • Overhead watering

  • Spirulina pools

    SVL works as partners with professional spirulina and other micro-algae growers, thus we are able to offer accessories and parts for micro-algae production and spirulina above all.
  • Materials and accessories of culture

    We propose you a choice of materials and accessories of cultures adapted to your productions.

A variety of equipments

  • Growing benches
  • Ridge ventilation
  • Side ventilations and thermal screens
  • Seaweed / algae growing (spirulina...)
  • Hydroponic troughs
  • Heating
  • Irrigation equipment

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