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Visqueen 200µ diffusing greenhouse film

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Diffusing greenhouse film

  • Transparent, adapted to any type of crop, nurseries, summer vegetables
  • Avoids early bleaching

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This film allows for a larger amount of available light plants need for the photosynthesis, thanks to diffused light.

Infrareds in larger amounts as well thanks to short wavelengths entering the greenhouse when the weather is clear and warm.
Enhances crop yield for ornamental plants, roses, salads, fragile fruit.
Allows for a warmer growing environment, reduces temperature changes between day and night.
Reduces the need for heating.
Ideal for strawberries during summer.
Caution: can limit the photosynthesis process and the plants growth if the environment is too hot.

Main features
DesignLumisol diffusing
Thickness200 microns
Weightaround 200g/sq. m
Impact resistance900 g
Breaking strength7 MPa
Tensile strength500%
Light transmission87%
Folding impactover 550 g
Light diffusion90%
Thermal effect90%
Min/max area temperature-50 / 85 °C
Anti-UV warranty4 years - EVA Protection depending on location


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