Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Greenhouse spare parts

Improve your work environment and the growth of your plants and crops thanks to our spare parts dedicated to your greenhouse tunnels or storage shelters.


  • Galvanized steel tubes

    We offer high quality tubes to build and repair greenhouses or shelters, shading and ventilation systems.

  • Steel & aluminium tubes

    Our aluminium and steel tubes are a secondary fixing system, dedicated to our famous hem-ended films, or thanks to steel clips.
  • Clips & clamps

    We offer a variety of fixing systems for tunnel greenhouses, hooks, pads, flanges for professionals and individuals, as these products are very hard to find on the Internet or elsewhere.
  • Greenhouse floor fixation

  • Ropes, wires & strainers

    Ropes, wires and strainers for your greenhouses.
  • Bolts, nuts and accessories

    Bolts, nuts and all the accessories you could need to fix and mount steel tubes in your greenhouse.
  • Ridge ventilation parts

    We offer a large choice of parts for manual or automatic ridge ventilation on professional greenhouses: racks, motor gearboxes...
  • Side ventilation parts

    Here you can find everything you need to create or maintain a side ventilation system on your professional greenhouse.
  • Shade parts

    Shading spare parts and equipment for professional greenhouses and hothouses.
  • PVC sheets

    This part of the shop lets you browse our PVC and polycarbonate sheets for the renovation of your greenhouses and shelters. These parts are currently very hard to find on the Internet or elsewhere. We will soon offer new items (different sizes, etc).
  • Horticultural glasses

  • Pièces de pignon et portes

A wide range of spare parts

• Tubes and "barre à clips" to fix your greenhouse films
• Couplings and clamps square tubes and angles
• Parts, such as nuts and bolts, ground-gripping tool
• Polyester ropes to install thermal or shading systems
• Steel wires for your shade systems
• Steel and polyester cables for a perfect tension of your tarps and films

Any question about our products? Feel free to get in touch through our contact form. We will be happy to assist you.

We deliver the equipment you need quickly and reliably. Our offer includes mulching material, irrigation systems, greenhouse material, clips...
If you want to enlarge or revamp your greenhouse, we also offer thermal and diffusing systems, shading nets and ventilation solutions. Our range also includes a large variety of coils for many differents sorts of greenhouses.