Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Stainless-steel fuel-oil-operated hanging furnace

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Main features
DesignAR-CALINOX45F - 49,8 kWAR-CALINOX90F - 99,8 kW
Max heating capacity49,8 kW - 42 800 kcal/h99,8 kW - 85 800 kcal/h
Efficiency (%)8990
Useful air flow (m³/h)41007500
Power supply230 V mono 50 Hz
Electric power (kW)0.751
Max fuel-oil consumption  (kg/h)3,97,9
Ø 2: Diameter of burner air intake (mm)100
Max length of burner air sheath6 m
LØ3: Air outlet diameter (cm)5065
Max blow sheath diameter30 m
Ø1: Chimney outlet diameter153 mm
Dimensions (cm)138 x 67 x 63,3178 x 80,4 x 77,6
Weight (kg)75135
BodyAISI 430 galvanized steel
Combustion chamberAISI 430 stainless steel with highly-efficient heat exchanger

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