Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

4SDF Mono fitted 4" borehole pump

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Wire230 V
Amperage (A)
µFMax input power (kW)engine max nominal power (kW)HPm³/h0.
22/7 E153.2160.70.370.5Pressure head45.14442.540.437.834.731.227.122.81813
22/10 E304250.890.550.7564.462.960.757.75449.644.538.832.525.818.5
22/14 E405.6351.220.75190.288.184.980.875.669.562.354.345.536.125.9
22/21 E608.4401.821.11.513513212712111310493.581.468.354.138.9
36/8 E154250.890.550.7545.644.743.642.540.939.437.735.933.631.228.221.313.2
36/11 E305.6351.220.75162.761.459.958.456.354.251.849.346.242.938.829.418.1
36/17 E408.4401.821.11.596.99592.690.38783.880.176.271.466.26045.428
36/23 E6011.2602.331.5213112812512211811310810396.689.681.261.437.8
Main features
UseWater supply
Home / industrial use
Fire departments
LimitsMax water temperature 35 °C
Max sand quantity in water 150 g/m³
Continued service
Engine2-pole induction engine,  50 Hz
Dimensions to ease connection to the pump according to NEMA standards
Mono 230 V - up to 2.2 kW
Voltage variation +6 / -10 %
Type of starting process for powers from 7.5 kW: star / triangle / soft start, impedance-lit, autotransformer.
Class F insulation
IP 68 protection

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