Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Mobile fuel-oil-operated furnace, direct combustion

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Main features
DesignAR-CD17 (21kW)AR-CD31 (36 kW)AR-CD41 (46 kW)AR-CD55 (55 kW)AR-CD90 (105 kW)
Type of deviceMobileMobile on wheels
Max heating capacity21.4 kW - 18,400 Kcal/h38 kW - 32,650 Kcal/h49 kW - 42,140 Kcal/h69 kW - 59,340 Kcal/h111 kW - 95,460 Kcal/h
Air flow at 70°C (m³/h)420720165029505450
Temperature rise capacity (°C)1701779712068
Power supply230 V mono 50 Hz
Electric power (kW)
Max fuel-oil consumption (kg/h)
Tank capacity (L)17424265105
Tank materialPolyethyleneSteel
Weight (kg)2025385886
Dimensions (cm)75 x 31.8 x 39.5107.5 x 44 x 61.5107.5 x 44 x 63120 x 55.5 x 86149.2 x 67 x 100.5
Very high blowing temperature
Helical fans with large air flow
Possible use under snow, rain or outdoor conditions
Overheat thermometer
Flame control through a photocell
Direct combustion generator

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