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RW45 Motor gearbox


RW45 Motor gearbox

Standard 3 phase voltage motor, for use on voltages 400 V at 50Hz and 480 V at 60 Hz.

RW45 motor gearboxes are compact, maintenance-free systems, for the driving of ventilation systems, blinds, in greenhouses and stables.

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All RW45 geared motors are made with a self-locking worm-screw. This transmission ensures the braking of the training shaft when the driving process comes to a halt. The combination of sprocket gears and helical toothed gears produces a very quiet mechanical transmission.

RW45 gearmotors are equipped with a patented linear end-of-line system with operating switches and protective circuit breakers with excellent switching accuracy.

The maximum switching amplitude of the end-of-course system is 97 rotations of the drive shaft. With the optional use of the RPU positioning unit, positions on a drive system can be precisely reported to the computer (climate control computer). The position report is also possible using an integrated potentiometer assembly.

Main features
M (Nm) - 50Hz90
n(/min) - 50Hz3,0
M (Nm) - 60Hz90
n(/min) - 60Hz3,6
Motoréducteur RW45

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