Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Blue turbine SpinNet

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Main features
UseGreenhouses, tunnels, multispans and other closed buildings.
Technical specs
  • Design with no bridge
  • 5 different flows: 70, 90, 120, 160, 200 l/h
  • Nominal flow at a 2.3 bar pressure
  • Recommended service pressure: 2 to 3 bar
  • Connector: male tapered
  • LR - flat spread, grey colour
  • Filtration finesse to abide by: 130 μ
Features and assets
  • The SpinNet is a micro-sprinkler designed to work upside down, fully adapted to indoor cultivation (greenhouse, multispans, tunnels)
  • No bridge design: avoids water runoff / allows plants located below sprinklers not to be damaged by leaking drops.
  • Acid-proof raw materials, preventing any chemicals inside the network.
  • High-level distribution uniformity on a full-cover irrigation system
  • Recommended connection for rods, female tapered tapes, grey SSPE polyethylene tubing (soft tube), NETAFIM centrifugal weights and anti-flush valves to avoid any full flush on lower levels of your irrigation network.
Interchangeable parts
Fully dismountable
Easy cleaning, without any tool

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