Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Snow-load ridge reinforcement kit

Snow-load ridge reinforcement kit

  • 4 reinforcement poles
  • Removable forestay
  • Additional reinforcement for a greenhouse against the snow load

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Main features
  • Modular product for hoops up to Ø50 diameter, and ridge heights up to 3 m.
  • Removable depending on your needs
  • Easy to set
MaterialGalvanized steel
DiameterØ40 mm
Length3 m: adjust according to your tunnel height
Mounting processCan be adapted to hoops lower than or equal to Ø50 and a ridge height lower than or equal to 3 m.
PackagingThis kit comprises of 4 reinforcement poles againt the snow load. These are made up of 2 parts:
  • a lower part with a plate you'll need to cut depending on your needs (ridge height)
Poteaux de soutien bas 

  • an upper part with a U shape that will support your hoop

Poteaux de soutien hautPoteaux de soutien haut 2

Self-drilling screws are included.

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