Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Fiorentino twin-rail overhead watering system

Fiorentino twin-rail overhead watering system

Easy to mount inside any greenhouse span, this overhead watering system offers a large operating space inside the greenhouse.

It is also quite compact.

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Contents of the watering system

Double aluminium rail

Stainless steel braces

Nylon, 8-wheel zinc plated iron holding system.

Nylon, 6-wheel zinc plated iron moving system.

Oven-painted with polyurethane

Motorized head (asynchronous 0.37 Kw 50/60 Hz engines)

Movement operated by a stainless steel cable

Water pipe fully held

Watering bar / system with height setting and double nozzle, 03/06 diameter

Control dashboard with touch screen

Technical features

Automatic watering zones programming
Automatic continued watering feature

Manual watering feature


Remote controller

Dosing pump support kit (dosing pump not included)

2nd pipe system for treatment

Nozzles kit