Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

200 to 400 g / m² geotextile fabric

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Available dimensions and grammage
Grammage 200Width 3 m | Length 220 m
Width 6 m | Length 220 m
Grammage 250Width 3 m | Length 90 m
Width 3 m | Length 180 m
Width 6 m | Length 180 m
Grammage 300Width 3 m | Length 120 m
Grammage 400Width 6 m | Length 50 m
Thickness0.9 mm
Material100% non-woven polypropylene
Lifespan25 years on natural ground with a pH between 4 and 9
Hydraulic propertiesLets water pass through
Tensile strength6.8 kN/m
Puncture resistance50 mm
Elongation break45 %
Use for:
Temporary storage of sand, gravel or wood
Window boxes and planter boxes
Sheaths around drainage pipes
Pond creation (to protect a tarpaulin)
Protect the ground during works

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