Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Protection & sheltering

SVL Serres Val de Loire  offers professionals a wide range of storage sheds, depots and warehouses, potting buildings and swimming pool covers. Discover the MULTI-SHELTER, a versatile and cost-efficient storage shed.


  • Multi-storage shelters

    Our wide range of storage shelters caters for all types of applications.

    Our multi-shelter product is longlasting and cost-efficient, designed to tick all your boxes in terms of storage and shelter needs.
  • Storage warehouses

    Our storage depots and warehouses are highly technical products, available in very large sizes allowing the storage of tractors, agricultural machinery or materials.

    We can make warehouses with an actual industrial capacity, boasting lattice girders.
  • Shadehouses

    Our shade houses are generally used in orchards or other crops requiring a partial shade and a permanent ventilation.
    These products obviously get an anti-UV treatment and are multi-resistant and thus benefit from a long lifespan.
  • Windbreaks

    The team of SVL Serre Val de Loire developed a new solution to break the wind and protect various buildings or construction sites against the wind.

  • Camper van sheds

    Protect your vehicle against the rust, rain and moisture through increased ventilation, and for many years thanks to the materials used.

    Our sheds for camper vans / cars / motorcycles ensures a high-quality wintering for your motorhome, safely.
  • Swimming pool - spa enclosure

    Treat yourself to a cost-efficient, strengthened, sturdy swimming-pool or spa enclosures or covers, and enjoy your swimming pool almost all year round!

Find the warehouse you need

Store your farming equipment or your camper van, all of your company vehicles, your materials and your animals inside one of our depots. These products are particularly popular amidst farmers, for example, because they are both flexible and sturdy.

Check our catalog above and pick the shed you need! They can accomodate tractors, airplanes, machines...
SVL also designs swimming pool covers with a galvanized steel structure (hoops and struts) and fitted with a thermal film, to swim (almost) all year round.

Our potting sheds are popular amongst horticulturists for their businesses, discover them here.