Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Pumps of lifting waters in charge of Vortex Speroni

Pumps of lifting loaded waters Whirlpool

Pumps of lifting waters loaded for the draining of waters of infiltration and pits, the irrigation or the draining of ponds and swimming pools.

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Pumps of lifting waters in charge of 750 VA MONO, SXS 1000 VA MONO

Range of pumps of lifting for sandy waters. Thanks to the system Whirlpool, you can easily inhale waters consisted of solid particles. Easy to use, our pumps of lifting of waters in charge of are adapted to the private individuals as to the professionals. This type of pump is mainly used for the individual or semi-collective purification. With a stainless steel structure, your pump of lifting can be used for numerous years.

Outcomes of the last technologies of the company Speroni, our pumps with system Whirlpool are automatic. Once the engaged ballcock, it runs the pump and allows you to obtain an additional comfort. To buy a pump of stainless lifting, it is the guarantee to suck up effectively sandy waters while having an optimal user-friendliness in a moderate price. To obtain additional information on our pumps of waters in charge of, contact our company by telephone or via the form of contact.




Solid passage

Minimum level of inhalation


12 m3/h 0,55 KW35 mm120 mm

1000 VA MONO

21 m3/h

0,75 KW

50 mm

120 mm


54 m3/h

3 KW

50 mm

190 mm

  • Motor: 2900 tr/min
  • Temperature settles up to 35 degrees celcius
  • Immersion depth: 5 m
  • Power supply voltage: 230 V
  • Functioning: Continuous duty
  • Delivered with cable of 10 m with automatic control by float with electric index card normalized in single-phase
  • Handle stainless steel
  • Body pumps steel inoydable
  • Turbine: stainless steel
  • Driving shaft stainless Steel
  • Mechanical side dish: silicon

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