Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Pompes de relevage eaux claires Speroni

Pumps of lifting clear waters

Pump of lifting clear waters for the drying out of waters of infiltration, the pumping of ponds and the irrigation of the cultures and the gardens

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Pump of lifting clear waters SDC 550 G, TSN 300S, TSN 400S, TSN 800S

Pumps of lifting clear waters for the distribution of waters with substances up to 5 mm diameter. Our range of pumps of lifting of water arranges multiple applications. You can use them as well to inhale the rainwater, that to drain away a swimming pool or for the watering of your culture. Thanks to its small size, the pump of lifting Speroni will be easily transportable for your various activities

With the multicellular pumps, you will not need to be present to launch and arrest the process. Everything is automated for an optimal use. Made steel stainless, our pumps empty cellar were developed for a long-term use. For a professional user-friendliness, our pumps empty cellar Speroni are very silent. They produce an important pressure and a raised flow while consuming the minimum of energy. Do not hesitate to discover all our range of pumps of lifting for clear waters to opt for a machine adapted to your needs.





Solid passage

Minimum level of inhalation

SDC 550 G upstanding

9.9 m3/h

0,55 KW8 H(m)5 mm

15 mm

TSN 300S

5.4 m3/h

0,3 KW

6.3 H(m)

3 mm

15 mm

TSN 400S

8.4 m3/h0,4 KW7.5 H(m)8 mm20 mm
TSN 800S14.4 m3/h 0,8 KW9.7 H(m)10 mm20 mm
  • Motor: 2900 tr/min
  • Temperature settles up to celcius 35 degreess
  • Immersion depth: 5 m
  • Supply voltage: 230 V
  • Functioning: continuous duty
  • Delivered with cable of 10 m with automatic control by ballcock with electric index card normalized there monophasée
  • Handle Polypropylene
  • Body pumps Polypropylene
  • Rotor Noryl
  • Box engine stainless Steel
  • Driving shaft stainless Steel
  • Axial face

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