Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Stainless steel condensate pump

AR-VXVM 8/35

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Main features
Type of liquidsTroubled / runoff water
UseHome use
Industrial use
EmploisCondensate pump
Drainage of light waste water
FeaturesFlow up to 650 l / min (39 m³/h)
LimitsHeight up to 13.50 m
Liquid temperature up to +40 °C
Depth of use up to 5 m below the level of water
Suspended solid bodies:
- up to Ø 40 mm for VX/35-N
- up to Ø 50 mm for VX/50-N
EngineMono 0.55kW - 220 V
kWHPQ (L/min)H (m)AspBackflow
Monophase0.550.7550 ÷ 3508 ÷ 1-1"1/2

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