Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Telescopic arm

Telescopic arm for rolling-up side ventilations

Easily wield your rolling-up side ventilations on greenhouses and multispans.
Height: 1.40 m to 4.20 m on average lengths up to 100 m

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Rolling-up height1.40 m2 m2.40 m3.20 m3.60 m4.20 m
Length once closed0.90 mm1.10 m1.30 m1.50 m2.10 m2.10 m
Length once opened1.10 m1.45 m1.90 m2.40 m2.60 m3.20 m
Maximum transferable torque150 N/m
UseRolling-up ventiltion telescopic arm for films and nets from 1.40 m to 4.20 m on average lenghts up to 100 m.
Galvanized steel axis, high-resistance aluminium tube, universal joints with operating thrust at 45°, fitted with protective bellows ensuring a permanent lubrication.

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