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Fitted tubaclip, 2 m

Fitted tubaclip to hold a greenhouse film lengthwise

  • Initial / final or intermediate part
  • Length 2 m

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Technical specs
Steel profile holding a greenhouse film on sides, lengthwise.
The kit contains 2 fixations at ends (initial / final parts) that let you roll up a side ventilation system.
Main features
Material35 x 35 mm Sendzimir galvanized steel
ProtectionAnti-UV treated PVC
Contents of kit
  • Tubaclip: 1 x 2 m length
  • PVC rod + key: 2 m length
  • U-shaped connecting clamp (intermediate part)
  • Initial / final plate for tubaclips (initial / final part)
  • Intermediate connection pad (intermediate part)
  • 90 plate
  • Screw
On existing hoopsØ 40 - Ø 50 - Ø 60
On request4 m - 5 m  on request
AdviceYou can cut the tubaclips + rod + key to adapt to your greenhouse length. U-shaped connections are adjustable.
Phase 1Fix your tubaclips tube to the structure (U clamp + plate)
Phase 2Install the film
Phase 3Insert the rod in the tubaclips, over the film, which will be held firmly once this is done. Use the key to finish the fixing process. You can use a mallet but knock the key gently.

Installtion tubaclips

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