Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Multiuse shelter

Sale permanente

Versatile shelter

  • Based on a 9.60 m Optimum greenhouse
  • Alveolar polycarbonate finish
  • Covered in heavy duty tarp

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Main features
Ridge height3.95 m
HoopsGalvanized steel Ø 60 mm x 1.50 mm hoops, reinforced with 2 x Ø 32 mm braces with a 2.50 m gap
Poles100 x 50 mm to concrete, with a 2.50 m gap outside
Reinforcements4 gable reinforcements
St Andrew's crosses2 St Andrew's crosses per row of poles
Crop standsØ 32 mm at a 3 m height, reinforced by 2 braces
Rows of struts1 row of Ø 32 mm x 1.50 mm galvanized steel struts, bound to the hoop through clamps
CoverPVC coated green 650 g / m² tarp
Gables2 alveolar polycarbonate 16 mm sheets with 2 x 2 m x 1.50 m x 3 m double sliding doors
Side ventilationsFixed sides made up of alveolar polycarbonate

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