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PVC drainpipe to bond

Tube PVC of evacuation to be stuck

Tube PVC to be stuck conceived for the conduct of waste water

Its advantages :

  • Big resistance in chemicals and in thermal variations
  • Available diameters : 63 à 160 mm
  • Quick installation
  • Standard French

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Tube pvc sewage disposal

Tubes PVC to be stuck for the sewage disposal. With a thickness going from 3 to 3,2 mm, our tubes PVC of evacuation to be stuck allow an easier derision and have a big resistance. The use of the PVC allows your tubes not to deteriorate in the contacts of chemicals. Possessing the French Standard, our tubes to stick PVC are adapted to the professional irrigation.

Our tubes of evacuation to be stuck settle down very easily without deforming nor breaking. Several diameters and thicknesses are available to adapt itself to your installation. Planned for systems of evacuation of waste water, these tubes PVC have a strengthened waterproofness.

MaterialPVC drainpipe to bond
Diameters and available thicknesses
  • Ø63 x 3.0
  • Ø100 x 3.0
  • Ø160 x 3.2
Usable length4 m
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