Serres du Val de Loire
Serres du Val de Loire

Tunnel & multispan greenhouses

SVL Serres Val de Loire is a French greenhouses and tunnels maker, offering a wide choice of top-quality, highly-efficient tunnels and multispans, designed and made in Vernantes, France (Saumur / Loire valley area).

We also offer bespoke products for (but not limited to) horticulturists, flower growers, market gardeners, nurserymen, seaweed and algae farmers, garden centres and mushroom farms.


  • Professional tunnels

    Are you a professional farmer or producer looking for a straight-sided greenhouse that suits your needs? Then have a look at our products below. 

    Our tunnel greenhouses were designed and fitted with very sturdy hoops made up of one or several parts, and boast diameters from 40 to 60 mm (=1.5 to 2.4 inches).

  • Bi-tunnel greenhouses

    Our bi-tunnel greenhouses were designed on purpose to grow large covered areas. They boast a large volume of air and easy ventilation systems.

    Our "Optimum" bi-tunnels were designed and controlled as per structural Eurocodes.
  • Multispan greenhouses

    Discover our range of multi-span greenhouses for professional farmers, and pick the one you need!

    Whether you are a professional horticulturist, market gardener or flower grower (or even a seaweed producer), we have the structure or the technical answer you need.
  • Bespoke manufacturing

    Are you facing special conditions or issues that we do not currently respond to?

    We are a professional tunnel and structures' manufacturer and offer tailor-made, bespoke tunnel greenhouses but also completely new, innovative productions and crafts. We regularly work for major brands, in France and abroad. Have a look below:

  • Garden greenhouses

    As for private individuals, a garden greenhouse is a real plus for passionate gardeners: it lets you grow plants and vegetables in summer and winter, extends the period of culture, protects plants against certain diseases and maintains a suitable environment...

    Professionals, farmers, horticulturists, get increased production capacities as well as a full autonomy in terms of crops and plants management.
  • Aviary tunnels

    Pigeons, pheasants and poultry shall feel comfortable in our large birdcages / aviaries (please notice, however, that some birds with a very sharp beak can cut the net).

    For these, the provided net may be inadequate: hens, cranes... In this case you might want to consider a strong wire mesh. We do not sell the mesh but can indicate the dimensions you will need to buy that mesh in another shop.

We are experts in the field of greenhouses and all related technical issues.

We strive every day to make the most of your production space, make your productivity thrive and be there whenever you need us during each step of your growth.

We offer a wide range of professional greenhouses, tunnels, bi or multispans... Many options allow you to cover, ventilate your structure, making work easier and allowing many different applications: breeding, mushroom farms, drying rooms, covers and ridges, horticulture, flower growing, etc...

We also make and sell particular greenhouses such as the circular greenhouse, the gothic greenhouse and ULMA AGRICOLA products such as mushroom farms or breeding farm structures, products and services for spirulina growers...